As we welcome 2024, I’ve chosen a word that might surprise many: “uncomfortable.” This isn’t about seeking discomfort for its own sake, but rather a commitment to stepping beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone in various aspects of my life. From parenting and dating to running my businesses and advancing my career, this year is about challenging my own limits and growing beyond the beliefs I’ve previously held about myself.

Parenting with a New Perspective

In parenting, stepping out of my comfort zone means embracing new methodologies and perspectives. It’s about being open to learning, even as I teach and nurture my boys. This year, I am committed to exploring different educational techniques, engaging in more meaningful conversations with my boys, and continuing to seek to understand their unique worldviews. I love witnessing the people they are developing into.

Navigating the World of Dating

In the realm of dating, being uncomfortable means being vulnerable. It’s about opening myself up to new experiences and people, and not shying away from the complexities of modern relationships. (This is tough because I thrive in structure.) This year is about genuine connections, understanding different perspectives, and embracing the journey of finding love in today’s world.

Elevating My Fitness Journey

This year, my fitness journey is also taking a leap into the realm of the uncomfortable. I am dedicated to making space in my life for my self-care. I will not allow the demands of life to steal my commitment to myself. Fitness for me in 2024 is not just about maintaining health; it’s about honoring my mind, body and spirit by making myself a top priority over the other demands of my life. This journey is a vital part of my overall growth, symbolizing the power of perseverance and the beauty of embracing discomfort to achieve a higher level of well-being.

Innovating in Business

For my businesses, stepping out of my comfort zone translates to innovation and risk-taking. It’s about exploring uncharted territories, investing in new ideas, and not being afraid of failure. I am ready to take bold steps, experiment with new strategies, and lead my business towards unexplored avenues of growth I previously dismissed. This year I have a better sense of myself and my value to others. I am excited to share my gifts more openly.

Career Growth and Development

In terms of career development, being uncomfortable means constantly learning and evolving. It’s about seeking new challenges, asking for feedback, and stepping into roles that test my abilities. This year, I am dedicated to professional growth, networking, and expanding my skills beyond their current scope. I will not allow myself to feel less than due to the constraints of corporate America. I will consistently remind myself that “I am enough!”

Growing Beyond Limits

The essence of choosing “uncomfortable” as my word for 2024 is about growth and expansion. It’s a realization that true growth happens outside our comfort zones. By stretching myself in these areas, I aim to blossom into a new being of limitless potential, unbound by the constraints of my past beliefs.

2024 is about embracing the uncomfortable, recognizing that each challenging step is a leap towards greater self-discovery and potential. It’s about evolving in ways I’ve never imagined and proving to myself that the only limits that exist are the ones we place on ourselves.

Join me in this journey of transformation and let’s make 2024 a year of remarkable growth and endless possibilities.